Meet the Movement

Rachel, Represent.Us

No matter what your number one issue is, if democracy isn’t your number two issue, your work will never come to fruition.

Corinne, People for the American Way

…people worked, fought and died giving birth to democracy, and we now owe it to them and our unborn children to protect that democracy. And if we don’t do something soon it’ll be gone.

Emil & Nathan, Common Cause

There are so many kinds of organizations that you can get involved with, and many of them are really open to having volunteers. So get your feet wet!

Carol, NH Rebellion

If you want to live in a democracy, you have to take responsibility for it.

Egberto, Coffee Party USA & Move to Amend

The Movement is for us all.

Chris, Democracy Matters

…Once you start organizing, it’s really just socializing with a focus. You learn just by doing it, and there is nothing preventing anyone from getting involved with activism.

Current Campaigns

Stand up with everyday people in your local communities to expand democracy. You can get involved today in a campaign or ignite your own democracy reform by mobilizing people to ensure democracy works for all.

Daily Actions

Every day is an opportunity to engage in democracy. Call your senator, attend a town hall, register someone to vote--there are endless ways to get involved and have your voice heard. Follow our Daily Action tips for more ideas on how you can engage as a citizen.